I am Junichiro Ida, CEO of Sanyo Foods Corp of America. It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. Thank you so much for your interest and the time you are spending to visit our site.

Sapporo Ichiban is a brand of instant noodles produced by Sanyo Foods Corp of America. In 1978, Sanyo Foods Corp of America was established in Southern California based upon its predecessor Sanyo Foods Co., Ltd in Japan to manufacture and distribute Sapporo Ichiban in the United States to serve fresh quality products.

For over 30 years since establishment in the United States, we have continued to develop instant noodles in various flavors to meet consumer needs under strict quality management. At Sanyo Foods Corp of America, we strive to serve high quality products to consumers across United States, Canada, and the Pacific Islands.

Our Sapporo Ichiban product line sold in pouch style allows consumers to create and enjoy your own original recipe by adding almost anything easily found around your kitchen such as eggs, meats, seafood and vegetables. Spices can also be added to create an even more delicious meal. We want you to think of our pouch products as one of your "ingredient" while cooking to create a more nutritionally balanced dish.

We are committed to offer an ever expanding variety of products that can be consumed quickly and easily, manufactured under strict quality control for you to enjoy.